Pynetbox - NetBox Python API client part 1 - getting info

NetBox is an open source IPAM/DCIM solution that came out of DigitalOcean. It's an excellent piece of software that is being actively developed and has very lively community. New »

PyTips 2 - Use itertools.product to replace nested loops

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PyTips 1 - Get loop counter with enumerate()

In PyTips I'll be talking about Python features, standard libraries, and interesting packages found on PyPi. The idea is to have a short write up and accompanying code snippets for »

Regular expressions for Network Engineers - basics

What? Who needs regular expressions in the age of automation? I do! And maybe you need them too. Personally I think that there are times when regular expressions are the »

NAPALM-Ansible - Automatic validation - part 2

This is the second post in the series on Napalm validation in which we will explore more options available to us for writing validation tests. First part can be found »