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Compute largest summary prefix-length with Python

I'm sure many of you had to compute summary network given a number of subnets. It's one of those rare occasions when you have to dust off binary maths skills »

Pynetbox - NetBox Python API client part 3 - updates and deletions

Time for another post in the series on Pynetbox, awesome PythonAPI client for NetBox. In part 1 we learned how to retrieve information from NetBox, and how to work with »

Pynetbox - NetBox Python API client part 2 - creating objects

Welcome to the second post in the series dedicated to Pynetbox, Python API client for NetBox. In this episode I'll be talking about object creation and we'll go through a »

Pynetbox - NetBox Python API client part 1 - getting info

NetBox is an open source IPAM/DCIM solution that came out of DigitalOcean. It's an excellent piece of software that is being actively developed and has very lively community. New »

PyTips 2 - Use itertools.product to replace nested loops

Nested loops, we all love them. Or do we? Five levels of indentation later you are not so sure. Your code starts to look ugly and you wish there was »