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NAPALM-Ansible - Automatic validation - part 2

This is the second post in the series on Napalm validation in which we will explore more options available to us for writing validation tests. First part can be found »

NAPALM-Ansible - Automatic validation - part 1

Network automation is not just about configuration management. Equally, if not more, important is validation of the state and models. After all, what is automating configuration changes good for if »

Ansible - Pass extra variables to Playbook

Let's talk about passing extra Playbook variables from command line. First off, why would you want to do it? Maybe you want to execute task only if a variable is »

Ansible - Access facts of other host

When running tasks Ansible allows you to access facts about host currently being processed. These could be facts discovered by Ansible itself or loaded from the files in the host_ »

Ansible - loops and verbose output

While using loops in Ansible, by default, output contains the entire content of the item being processed. This can result in a great amount of verbosity if the item is »